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Backup, Recover or Restore

Restoration, Recovery & Data Transfer


  • Personal file back up - Photos, Videos, Music and Documents backed up onto a DVD-ROM Disc or other removable storage.
  • Complete system images - Everything including operating system which will allow your computer to be restored back to its original state in the event of computer failure.
  • In-home network backup system - a backup disk connected to your home network which keeps all your files backed up in real time.
  • A subscription based cloud service which backs up your files through the internet and stores your files securely on an encrypted server.  
  • Recover lost or deleted files from your hard drive, memory stick or card
  • Re-installation of operating system without losing your personal files in the event of corrupt system files
  • Recover non-starting computer using a system image or other backup

EAS Computer services repaired a hard drive that had stopped working, retrieved all my photos and put them into a format...

Posted by Anne Bartlett on Sunday, 28 February 2016

Backups are one of the most important tasks that should be carried out regularly, unfortunately, it usually gets put off until its too late! 

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