Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

There are three main variants of computer hard drives which are available in two sizes, 3.5" for Desktop Computers or 2.5" used in laptops and gaming consoles.

EAS Computer Services is able to advise, specify and supply the most suitable drive which meets your requirements and budget, this service includes transfer of the contents of your current drive, including operating system to you new drive.

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Hard Disk Upgrade / Replacement

These drives are the fastest available but also the most expensive, they use flash memory, (similar to a memory stick) to store the data so the computer can read the information directly without the need for the disk in standard drive to rotate the disk head to locate then read the data 

This is the most common type of drive which uses a magnetic disc to store the data and while they are slow to access the data, they do have a huge storage capacity at a very affordable prices

A Hybrid drive is a combination of the two other types of drive, it has a small amount of flash memory and a traditional magnetic disk. The drive intelligently stores frequently accessed files on the flash memory giving a comparable speed to a SSD drive combined with the storage capacity of the magnetic disk 

Standard Hard Disk (HDD)

Solid State Drive (SSD)